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Denis Waitley once said “Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.”

          August 19, 2009 was the day I decided to turn a failure into a fulfilling & profitable endeavor. As a young adult anxious to cruise the road, I pursued a goal of attaining my driver's license. I took my driving test twenty times and failed each time. I didn't fail because I couldn't drive, I failed because I didn't drive to the standards of the test. 

            Taking the test numerous times, I went to different Penndot locations all across Pennsylvania including the Ogontz, Levick, and Island Ave locations just to name a few. I got acquainted with every route because I was unsuccessful at each one. So I decided to go to another location. I always made it pass the parking portion of the test due to a technique I developed called the "Famous Eight Steps To Parking", but driving the route still hindered me. 

          After being unsuccessful, I went to Penndot to take notes from the examiner on what exactly I was doing incorrectly. However, because every route at each location was different and refusing to seek professional help, I still was unable to pass. Instead of getting experienced and knowledgeable guidance, I chose to take the cheap way out and have family and friends teach me which resulted in continuously failing. I then realized that choosing to take the cheap route was the reason I couldn't succeed. 

           With the information I had collected from the examiners upon failing, I begin to utilize it. On my twenty first try, I went back to the Levick location and applied all the knowledge I had collected. On that final try I was successful and I remember the examiner Emily, I'll never forget her name, telling me the amazing news.     

             From that moment on, I gathered all of my friends that didn't have a permit or license and persuaded them to pursue it. My friends that couldn't drive, I forced them to learn by teaching them myself. When all of them went to take the test, they all passed on the first try! The word begin to spread from my friends to others about my involvement in their success and I had people reaching out to me for help. 

             The results of many receiving their license because of me, caused me to receive countless inquiries of me having a driving school. I declined because I never thought in a million years that I would be dedicated to teaching others how to drive. I then begin to give free driving lessons and even at times took gas money for a lesson. After hearing the victories from my students of passing and seeing the joy on their faces it warmed my heart. It was like an adrenaline rush knowing that I was behind their success and I wanted it to continue. 

           From that point on I decided this is what I wanted to do. I took a moment of disappointment and used it as a tool to teach and help many individuals to successfully obtain an essential accessory to our everyday life. It was then on August 9, 2009,that my baby was born and I have watched it blossom tremendously. In 2016, Nigel's Driving Specialist turned seven and I'm looking forward to many more years of success and progress.

      Nigel's Driving Specialist is located in Philadelphia, PA. It is owned by Nigel and taught by herself and seven other instructors.

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